Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Last week my mom and I took the boys to Itz in Houston. It's a Chuck E Cheese and an indoor carnival all in one. First we partook in the many items of the buffet. Lucas and I ended up eating a total of 7 (small) brownnies together lol. Maybe more after we played lol. Anyways, then we played on the rides for the kids under 4. They had a bounce house too, so it was really cheap. My mom had already purchased some game tokens so Lucas played some easy games. Overall, it was a fun time. I had a lot of back pain and was really uncomfortable at times but I made it through and was excited to get out of the house. A week later I feel almost 100% recovered without any back pain. So excited!

The cups of brownies Lucas and I consumed :)
Reuban riding the train......
Lucas's turn....
ALMOST got a perfect shot.
The bounce house...

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