Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My bear from Brian.
Flowers from Jim and Judy, who were so great to send them to me!
Flowers from Intercermic, thanks everyone!

Well, my surgery was a HUGE success. It went the best that it possibly could. They took out the cyst and the 27 liters that were inside of it. It was a total of 55 pounds that came out of my stomach. The incision stayed at 4-5 inches below my belly button so bathing suits will still look cute. :)

The miraculous part of it all was that it was actually connected to my falopian tube and NOT my ovaries so I got to keep part of both. So basically I may still be able to have children one day. That, in itself, was a huge blessing. I just couldn't believe how blessed I have been through this journey.

This weekend was fun at the hospital because I was surrounded by my parents, Aunt B, and Aunt Barbara and Uncle Terry. Brian couldn't be there but almost as soon as I was in my room a package came with a way cute teddy bear. TOTAL surprise! The thing probably hasn't left my sight since I got it. Also, got some flowers from Jim/Judy and Interceramic. So lucky to have all them in my life. My family and I spent lots of time in the room talking and walking around. I was able to come home Sunday and have been relaxing a lot since then.

Travel updates: Las Vegas is definitely planned for the last week of July. Yippee!! Brian and I are busy planning all the fun things we want to do. He likes most of the things I suggest lol. My aunt Barbara told me we could still go to Colorado in July. SO EXCITED!! I just can't believe how lucky and blessed I am right now. I'm truly grateful. It's just amazing. I feel like I have a new life to live.

And to add to the happiness. My nephews are coming to visit this Friday for TWO WEEKS. Yes, two weeks of a fun filled time with them and all over Houston.

So, this summer is saved. I feel good. Look great ;) And can't wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for me.

Love you all!! And will post some hospital pics when I get a chance.

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