Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Children's Museum of Houston

Well, last Thursday my mom, and the kids and I FINALLY went to the Children's Museum of Houston. This place has been on my list of things to do for quite a while because it's in so many different travel guides. I'm just really excited I got to go with Lucas and Reu.

Playing with the puppets in the main hall.
The technology exhibit. To think of what they will be communicating with at my age is quite mind-boggling!
More puppet time! (Got them out of sync) Little brother follows Big brother everywhere and does everything he does. :) Catching fish in the International section. I think we were in Thailand for this exhibit.
Driving the streets in Thailand. There was a tv in front of the boys that looked like they were driving and you had to turn the wheel. Very cute.
BEAT THAT! Best picture ever lol
Inside the museum is a make-believe town called Kidtropolis. Kids get a bank account card and they earn paycheck cards by doing different jobs. Here we were at the police station. Reu was driving while Lucas was in the backseat. Coinsedence?? Lol I think not... Just kidding!
Then there was the HEB Market that allowed the kids to shop for plastic goods and even check out and pay with your little credit card.
There were so many different day cares here when we first arrived. We ended up going to eat at the cafe and then I finally got some time to study the map. I found upstairs was the Toddler area. Yay! Here there was a shut-in area with cars, slides, and toddler toys. It was a great area for the kids.
Lucas playing in a house. He poured me some tea. :)
Grandma and Reu racing cars. Gotta love that smile!
Lucas and his "girlfriend" playing in the car. He's even here with me as I write and he pointed to her and said "girlfriend." LOL love it!
And after having so much fun Lucas ended up reading with Grandma before we left. Overall, it was a GREAT place to take the kids and I hope to return when they're older to do some more investigating.

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