Thursday, July 1, 2010

Johnson Space Center Houston-NASA

Last Saturday I went to the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, NASA, in Webster, Texas right South of Houston. It was a great time as I went with my Aunt B, Mom, Dad, Lucas and Reuban. The kids enjoyed it and I'm pretty sure the adults did too. That's a great characteristic, and a hard job to be fun for EVERYONE aged 1-57 in our case. :)

Here we go, folks!
NASA time.....Nice jets!
Reu was strapped in and ready to go.
The parking lot was a lot better than I thought it would be. I thought we'd be walking for a mile or two. I mean, Houston is most famous for it's Apollo Mission's famous words, "Houston, we have a problem."

When we walked in we were immediaitely confronted with the latest exhibit on Star Wars. We actually never made it through this exhibit as we ran out of time but it was mostly for kids who took up the long lines on the sides.
As soon as you enter there's the big play-scape on the right. Tons of kids were running around everywhere.
To the left of the entrance is the Living in Space show where every 30 minutes presentations are given of how the astronauts do common things while inside the space shuttle. Such demonstrations include eating, storing items, showering, using the bathroom, and communication.
The back wall has this gigantic shuttle nose protruding out. On the other side is where you take a flight of stairs and go inside for the Mock Shuttle exhibit. See below for the inside shot.
One of the more popular things to do would be the Tram Tours. You have to wait in line for about 20 minutes (unless it's not busy or you have INCREDIBLE timing). Reu and I were ready to GO!
My Aunt B and I took the 5 minutes or so of wait time on the tram to get a photo together.

The gigantic rocket building. See below for the interior of the warehouse.
Reu was too cute riding on the tram with Grandma.
The first stop of the tram tour was Mission Control. Not a good picture since there's a big glass panel here but it would be really cool to see the people working. But I'd have to wait until the next mission. Lots of neat information given here though. Definitely worth the wait.
Had to post another of Reu riding around the facilities at NASA.
We drove by the memorials for the astronauts who gave their lives in the name of science. Very sad moment of silence we had on the tram while we listened to the President give his speech after the Challenger exploded.
Having a Rue moment (open-mouth) in front of the rockets. I believe they called this Rocket Park. It's the last stop of the Tram Tour.
And the ROCKETS red glare....
Inside the big warehouse of the rocket that shoots the space shuttles into space. HUGE doesn't describe it.
After the Tram Tour we decided to take a lunch break in the cafeteria. It was set up like a food court where you had Italian choices, American, Chinese food, and salads. It was TERRIBLE FOOD. If you ever come beforehand. It's not worth the money.
After lunch we went to the 5-floor theater screen in the Space Center Theater. We watched a 30-minute film on becoming an astronaut. Lucas really enjoyed it. The huge screen was cool. This is a shot of Lucas standing in front of the screen. Just amazing.
Mmmm Dip in Dots are so good! It's tiny ice cream balls. We had to have some of course!
The mock shuttle. This is about it when you go up this second story mock of the inside of a space shuttle. So many buttons....
Dad and Reu in the Astronaut Gallery. This museum-like exhibit had some exciting artifacts and recreations of space travelling items.
One of the exhibits was the inside of a space shuttle. It showed where/how the astronauts eat, go to the bathroom, exercise, sleep and here...shower!
Walking on the Moon exhibit.
Lucas touching a 30 billion year old rock from the moon. Awesome....I thought I took a picture of me touching it but maybe my aunt has that picture.
And after an expensive trip to the gift shop for everyone we were pooped and we headed for home. The gift shop was great. I found a picture frame, ornament, and patch. I just wish I had remembered the children's book. Not a big deal... As we were walking out I saw this plaque in the flower garden. I loved it and had to share it. It truly defines what NASA is all about. I only hope our political leaders will remain influential on the education and study of the world around us.

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