Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mardi Gras Galveston

Well, I have tried over and over to get my videos to upload of Washington-on-the-Brazos but it's just not looking I have to move on and keep going. Currently in Massanutten, Virginia. Having a wonderful time on Spring Break! Gotta catch up on my blogging, though, so you can seeeeeeee.

So, this is Mardi Gras Galveston, two weekends ago. I went with three of my best friends and we had a fun time. It was way too crowded but I got some beads and the matching shirts we ended up buying were super cute for work :)

First we headed to the beach. Kade and Kaylee (both 2 years old) were not having the beach, though, because it was really cold and windy. But, to me, it's always fun to walk on the beach. :) Behind the Seawall you see the Mardi Gras Seawall Carnival. We didn't go but it looked like a good place to waste some time in between parades.
While wandering around Galveston we went to look at the oak trees (again!). I used Gowalla to find the different trees and got to "check-in" to a few more.
Some of the oak tree statues were even decorated for the festivities :)
Dolphin oak tree sculpture...
We tried going to the Strand to do some shopping and looking around but it was gated for a $15 charge. A private event took up the whole area! I couldn't believe it... So, we headed to the Seawall so we could get a spot for the parade. We found some matching Mardi Gras shirts (for work) and then just wandered up and down the Seawall. We saw the parade floats parked. Too bad the parade wasn't until dark...we had LOTS of wait time.
During that time I saw this camel and go to pet him. Felt like a really thick sheep.
Knights of Momus was the Crewe for the parade. Not impressed...
For two weekends in a row, the Fightin' Aggie Band from A&M.
After it got dark the parade finally started. It started slow, but it was so crowded... Nothing like 2 years ago, when my whole neck was crazy-covered with beads.
Cute marching band costumes! Most were Houston high school bands. Other than trying to get beads (and failing pretty badly) we headed back to Houston. I'm not real sure when I'll be back. But it was fun to get away with some friends!

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