Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blue Man Group at Jones Hall

The same week as the Rodeo I ended up at the Blue Man Group in Houston at Jones Hall downtown. I have made some new friends and Heather invited me because a friend had cancelled. So I met her and a girl named Brandy for cosmos at Birra Porrett's then the show. We had a great night. It was awesome!

So, the worst part of the whole night was thinking I had left my camera at work... Once I got home I felt around deeper in my purse and found I had my camera the WHOLE time. Booooo. Anyways, I got to take some with my phone.

There are the paint drums. :)

Rock out!!
Towards the end of the show they had this dance party theme where they brought out these huge balls and did "Rock Concert" dance step routine with fist pumping and everything else. The whole place was standing and dancing. Very fun.
Light it up....
I was like a rave with older people...

Now if that's not called "having a blast" I don't know what is :) Next for Heather and I: OVO-Cirque du Soleil in Houston.

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