Sunday, March 6, 2011

Schulenburg, Texas (Feb 20)

So, my uncle and aunt left pretty early Sunday morning, so I had just enough time to do a small solo trip. The more I do it, the more I crave it. Solo travel is almost becoming an addiction. I feel like I even sabotage my trips with others knowing that solo travel is my passion. But, anyways, enough about my psychiatric problems. :p I had never been to Schulenburg, although my friend Shanna and I have talked about going dancing there one day. So, I packed up and headed west from Houston about an hour or so.
Welcome to Schulenburg!
Old downtown was absolutely dead on Sunday. I hate when that happens...but cute picture opps though.
The famous dance hall had plenty of company, though. Going into a dance hall alone, though, was not in my comfort zone. Totally wasn't dressed the part in my UT shirt and jeans, either.
So, the reason I came to Schulenburg was a write-up on Frank's Restaurant in Texas Highways. There was an article on pies and one of the readers had suggested this place.
Frank's had a great gift shop, too. I found lots of yummy foods and wonderful Texas history and travel books.
I ordered the cheeseburger because it was featured in the menu. Something about the "famous frank burger" or something of that sort. It was definitely tasty!
And I saved room (barely) for some meringue pie. They had a bunch of different flavors so I got chocolate. It didn't look like any pie I had ever had. It was good...though I'm not really a pie kinda girl, which is why I picked chocolate, lol. I just sat at my table and worked on some travel reading. It was a good meal, very relaxing Sunday-type. :)
A shot of the restaurant from the gift shop area.
After I ate I used gowalla to find some stuff around Schulenburg. I found this old house...known as the "Old Anderson Place" built in the 1850s and owned by the Schulenburg family that the town is named after. Currently owned by a more current family. I kind of felt ackward taking photos while they did their yard work, lol.
Gotta love the huge oak tree!!
Super Schulenburg
Tried going to the Aircraft Museum but EVERYTHING was closed on Sundays. I really hate that... I know people need their family time but really?!? I need to travel on Sundays! :)
Stanzel's house that's right beside the Aircraft Museum
Saw this huge building while exploring downtown, though it was off the Main Street. But it just looked kind of defeated...
Love this shot of downtown! Gotta return to see what's apart of the Polka Museum!
Amazing new elementary school, though. What kinda money are they spending on this?!? And what kinda taxes do they get it from? Just wondering, I want to work in a brand new school!
And because nothing was really open I decided to head home as Sunday afternoon slowly went away. Another great adventure down in the books.

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