Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Washington-On-The-Brazos Independence Festival

Sunday, February 27, 2011

There was a huge festival that was featured in Texas Highways. I didn't think it was going to be such a big deal but what a great day it turned out to be. Since I planned to stay home on Saturday, I figured Sunday would be pretty insignificant to the festival. But it turns out Sunday was the highlighted day.
When I arrived I had just missed a weapon firing demonstration. But, loved walking up to the festival and seeing these huge (baby) longhorns. They were so calm but so majestic...
One of the featured attractions was this old Tavern that was set up like the tavern's 175 years ago. Very neat... They even had volunteers in period clothing that could answer any questions and entertain the kids.
One of the great things about the festival was that all of the attractions were FREE! So, I headed to the Star of the Republic Museum.
Inside the museum...
One of the more popular artifacts, a painting of the signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence, trying to get out of Mexico's rule.
The actual declaration... (Or at least a copy of it, lol.)
When going from the first floor up to the second there is this amazing time line of history that shows the development of Texas along with the rest of the world.
LOVED this piece.... My favorite, probably.
Then I went outside to the amphitheater to see what was happening. The stone seating was filling up quickly so I took a seat and figured I'd at least enjoy some nice weather. First, there was a magician then the "Program" began with the Fightin' Aggie Band playing. Nice scenery :)
At one point the band played all of the hymns for the different military branches. I stood up for Navy and Marines. Thanks Papa, Matt and Ashley! Love you and thanks for your amazing, honorable service!
After the band, "Sam Houston" came and read a speech he prepared. Then he called out all of the members of the men who signed the Declaration. As he read each name the decendents spoke up and yelled, "HERE!" It was really amazing....
Even the secret service was around! :)
Why the secret service? Because Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson was the key note speaker! She has been one of my political idols since I was a kid. LOVED her! She is a descendent as well.
Kay Bailey in the middle and Sam Houston IV (second from the left), great-grandson of Sam Houston himself even attended the presentation.
And they revealed the presentation for the 175th birthday, a tiled representation of the painting I showed earlier inside the museum of the men signing the Declaration.
I decided to take off after that. It was already later in the afternoon and I was about an hour from home...plus, I wanted to beat traffic. As I walked to the parking lot (pasture) I saw another Army tent set up to look around. Although I'm thinking there was no propane and cooler on wheels. :)
Another wonderful festival shared through Texas Highways and another wonderful weekend!

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