Monday, March 7, 2011

Rice Village-Croissant Brioche French Bakery and Cafe

Every so often during the week I get a chance to explore Houston at its core. It's always a fun adventure to escape from work early on in the afternoon and venture out (usually downtown). So, when my schedule was a bit more relaxed a couple weeks ago (not around any grading deadlines) I took off to explore Rice Village as recommended by the local newspaper here, the Houston Chronicle.
The recommendation was for this bakery, Croissant-Brioche. So (much earlier in the day than this picture was taken) I came with papers to grade and an iPod in my ear.
Had a great cup of cappiccino while grading... It was really nice just to sit back and relax.
My view... The weather was so nice...
My cappucino (but the art kinda disappeared). Could order it with chocolate shavings or cinnamon. I picked cinnamon, yum!
The outdoor seating area where I was enjoying my zen moment.
The article had highlighted the apricot danish...but it was long sold out hours before. So instead I had an apricot and almond scone (later at home) and a bit of a turkey sandwich on the most tasty baguette. I could live on bread and turkey :)
I completely shut this place down, last person to leave. But I hated leaving at 7pm, I could have stayed hours more just listening to Pandora on the iPhone and grading papers.
Additionally, I have to state: When I looked up this place online there were all these horrible reviews of the service here. I had a really nice conversation with the waitress and she was so nice to bring all my food out. We talked about education and other stuff. So, I had a really great experience. Don't believe everything you read!


  1. Brandy,
    another great spot for sitting and grading and munching is La Madeleine - there's one just a couple of blocks from Croissant Brioche. They stay open until 10 or 10:30, and it is lovely indoors or out!

    Also don't miss the HalfPrice Books on University at Kirby... heaven!

  2. I love La Madeline, Ruth! I go there all the time and all over the US :) Half Price Books is one of my favorite stores, too. It's dangeroussssss, lol.

    We must have similar tastes! :)