Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 26-27, Around Town and Aggieland

The weekend after I got back from DC was one of relaxation. Since I went back to work the day after I got back, I was so tired! So, on Saturday I ended up meeting my mom for dinner at the new Zaxby's by my house. My mom had tried it before and loves their salads. So I got one too. Soooo good!
The inside of Zaxby's.

The delicious grilled chicken salad. Yummy!

Then on Sunday, Lori invited me to Aggieland or College Station to watch Nicolas (one of my students) play baseball. It was a BEAUTIFUL day when we left. Unforunately, it was FREEZING when we got there...go figure. We dropped Nic off to warm up for the game and ran to get some lunch to bring to the field.

We went to a Freebirds. Holy cow! I had never known how good this place is. I had the BEST chicken burrito, and they made it so well. Great chips and queso, too.

They're known for people using the foil from their burritos to make little figurines and such. I thought it was kinda cute, although others make fun of them. Very artistic!

We ate our burritos while watching Nicolas's team, the Outlaws, play a good game. Unfortunately, they lost but it was still a fun day out and about Texas. Lori, Nicolas and I are planning on going to the Alamo together this summer.

Once I got home from College Station I was still in the mood to do something new or try something travel obsessive. One of the shows, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, on the Food Network suggested Steak 'n Shake. There's been one by my house for a year or two...but I had never tried it. So I stopped in and got a Butterfinger milkshake....Awesome!!!!!!! Now I'll actually have to save the coupons that come in the mail.

So, a low key weekend, but it was adventurous in a small way. Culinary visits are fun visits, too. :)

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