Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 17: San Jacinto

I have been getting a bit antsy with my Texas Highways obsession! I have been doing things with friends and hitting things around the Houston area so I haven't been looking into the TH for ideas and a path.

Best news: I was supposed to have a Hill Country tour last Easter weekend. My friend Kristi and I decided to check Expedia's last minute deals and ended up spending the weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was MAGICAL! I've finally just "taken off" to an unknown place.

ANYWAYS! Lol, the weekend before Easter I ended up going to San Jacinto Battlefield State Park and going up to the top, which I've never done. And I also the movie Texas Forever. I found my "happy place" and ended up grading by the ship channel, trying to find a balance of working and travelling on the weekends. Then I took the historic Lynchburg Ferry (and my first ferry ride ever). Though a short ride I loved it. Was grateful to have TH lead me in a fun direction.
Love the huge bridges in the area! My GPS actually died on me and I had to find a Best Buy. Think I stopped in Pasadena to get one. Luckily I had seen there was a $20 discount starting that day. With my camera breaking last year I had a $100 credit. my GPS for FREE :) But, I could have laid down some money. Believe me, I get my moneys worth!
Coming upon the San Jacinto Monument. Love this place! So historic....and where we became the Republic of Texas. The only state to be a country :) Love my Texas!

View from the top of the star. Windows could have used a cleaning but it was nice :)

The reflection pond and the Battleship Texas.

View of the port...Busy busy! I love this picture because it shows the busy port and has Downtown Houston in the background.

Gotta love those refineries...

Oil refineries and the landscape around the area.

Another one of the port and downtown in the same shot.

The Theater where Texas Forever plays.

Watching the movie on the Texas Revolution (well made) with the only 5 people in the theater :) There was a small boy in there and his grandpa was with him and totally fell asleep and was snoring, lol. I, however, enjoyed it very much...Just so happens I already knew everything! Obsessed, much?


The monument again...So pretty!

Heading across the street to the battleship....The reflection pond, too :)

Setting up shop for grading. Got some social studies graded. Only one assignment. It was SUPER windy but I was sooooo in my happy place. Going to try to travel and grade more often. That way I'll have happy memories of grading and not put it off so often!

After grading I took the suggestion of the TH editor's notes and took the famous Lynchburg Ferry, operating since the Texas Revolution!!! It was kind of exciting and a bit nerve wrecking, for sure. I was first on the ferry so I could only see water in front of my car. Plus I got yelled at by the loading guy. But my car was fine....Don't matta!

The Ferry...holds about 12 cars.

The view of the monument from the Lynchburg Ferry. Turned out to be a very fun Sunday! When I was taking those pictures I had no idea what my travel life was holding. Pictures of Utah next! :)

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