Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break: Day 1

I have been SO busy with work and some exciting news about my travel life completely haulted me. I am getting SOOOOO excited for Los Angeles and Disneyland with Brandon, William and Kathy! But work is just crazy so I'm trying to post as I can. So March 14-20 was Spring Break and I took off to Washington, DC and the Massanutten Ski Resort in Harrisonburg, Virginia! I flew into Ronald Reagan International Airport in Washington, DC. Really pretty airport...despite the controversy with air traffic control the day after I left. :) I used Enterprise Rental Cars to get to Massanutten. I really loved the Honda Accord I was given, as it drove really well. The first glimpses of the Washington Monument, getting out of town, turned me into a giddy history nerd. LOVE IT!! I truly couldn't get enough, it was hard driving. :)
I hadn't eaten all day so I stopped along the way in Fairfax, Virginia to get some nourishment. I reallyyy wanted a margarita since it was cheap but I had a 2 hour drive so I held onto my self control. Plus, I still had a cold, so I couldn't even taste anything so what fun is that? Ended up just filling up on chips and guacamole.
Two hours later I ended up at Massanutten and got checked in. It was a long travel day with the plane and drive but so worth it for the cheaper airfare on Monday (almost a $400 savings!).

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