Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break: Day 4 Harrinsonburg, Virginia

On Day 4 of my vacation I was tired so decided to sleep in for a while. I went to bed really late the night before and was enjoying the nice, gigantic jacuzzi in the condo. :) Plus, I was having plenty of computer problems and was up working on those. So on Day 4, St. Patrick's Day, I got up pretty late and just wandered around Harrisonburg, the closest city to the ski resort. My first stop in Harrisonburg was the Visitor's Center. I picked up plenty of pamphlets for the area. Since there was no skiing at the resort due to the warm weather I was trying to find some stuff closer to the resort. I originally thought I'd be driving to DC more but the 2 hour drive there was not in the books. I just wasn't in the mood to drive that distance.
In the sam building/house were these little rooms that were classified as a "museum". This room was the Valley-Turnpike Museum. Not much to see but you have to love the volunteers and coordinators' ambition.
This was the front of the house where the visitors center was housed.
Two blocks away was the Harrisonburg Square. This was their courthouse. Very similar to all the ones I've been to in Texas! :) It made me feel at home, for sure.
Have to love the strive for balance in our government. Wishing some of our current politicians would remember their convictions during such intense times. :)
I saw this quirky coffee house across the street from the courthouse so I went and had a cappuccino and read my book. It was very relaxing.
Also across from the square was this beautiful building! I really loved it. The sun was just in an ackward position to take a picture of it.
And as I was trying to get back to my side of the freeway I got completely lost. But.....I did get a great tour of James Madison University, lol.
This building is much more beautiful than it appears in the pictures too.
Since I was having such bad Internet connections I went to this huge retail chain of popular stores looking for a place to set up my laptop office. Makes sense with it being a college town and all, right? I looked EVERYWHERE for a Starbucks and couldn't find it so I set up inside a Barnes and Noble for a few hours....well ok like 5. :)
By the time I realized it was 9-10pm most of the restaurants were closed! So I found a Chili's and had to have....
...the traditional Green St. Patrick's Day Beer. Had a rough time getting my food cooked properly but the manager compensated more than enough. Ended up getting a free appetizer, meal, and only paid for the drink. Was too much but definitely enjoyed meeting some nice people, again. :) It was a nice, relaxing day before another couple of busy days.

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