Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break: Day 2

When I woke up the next day I was so excited to see the view from my patio. As you can see it was AMAZING! This picture really doesn't show the beauty of the Massanutten hills and mountains.
The living room of the condo :)
The fireplace and tv of the condo...
The kitchen and my table where I sat up my stations, lol.
The first day I decided to drive the Shenandoah Valley Skyline Drive. So I took off to the North Entrance in Front Royal (an hour drive or so). Then I drove South to the exit by the condo.
Day version of the Resort sign/entrance :)
The beautiful drive to Front Royal. This was the overall view when driving in the area I was in. I'm pretty sure I was smiling the entire time. :)
The road that leads to the mountains...
About a year or so ago I decided that my charity of choice is the National Parks Service. So, it was extra special to be here. The National Parks need our support! Happy 75th Birthday, Shenandoah!!
Ranger station....$15 got me a 5 day pass into the park. Thank goodness it was a few days, because the Skyline Drive took me 2 days!
The Skyline Drive in Shenandoah Valley National Park is a 103 mile road that runs right through it, and goes up into the mountains. The speed limit is 35 mph at all time so it takes quite a bit to get through it. It took me 2 half-days. Every mile or so there are "outlooks" where you can drive into a horseshoe, off the road, and get out and take amazing pictures like these. Enjoy the views from the outlooks!

There was not enough snow on the ski slopes, which is what I was really looking forward to doing, but I did see some snow on the side of the road. I was sad I didn't get to learn to ski but still loved this Skyline Drive!
During both days I saw about 3-4 deer at times. Most of the time I didn't have time to get to my camera before they ran off. But this lovely, little thing stayed around while I shot plenty of pictures of him (or her).
Goodbye, friend :)
Not bad, eh? :)

Yes, I'm a dork and I built a baby snowman with the snow. It was the only snow I played with all week, sadly enough.
Pretty high up.....
Saw some road runners....Beep, beep! They ran right in front of that car, too. And with me constantly taking pictures and Gowalla-ing it's kind of a dangerous drive. :)
I still can't believe that Stonewall Jackson brought his Conderate troops through the mountains! What a strategy... Must have had some great inspiration with all the beauty around them.
More beautiful views...
There were these great rock formations on the opposite side of the road than the views. Nature truly is complex and simply amazing...
The weather wasn't very clear on the Skyline Drive and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do the next half in the time that the park was open. Plus, I was worried about driving in the dark so I decided to cut the trip in half and wonder around Harrisonburg. I had thought I saw a mall so I headed there for some retail, relaxing, Spring Break therapy! :)
From the outside Valley Mall looked like NOTHIN' but inside it had your usual stores. I found a fun store called Pen or something with SUPER CUTE dresses. Got two :) It was really cool. Plus, they had an Auntie Anne's pretzel stand so I was in hog heaven, lol.
Then, I headed to Kroger's to get some groceries for the week, since there was a full kitchen. Got some wine, too... It was spring break, hello! Got some snacks for the road, too, in case I got stuck and forgot to eat (it happens).
Once I got home, it was pretty cool outside, so I made some dinner and turned on the fireplace. Had a relaxing night reading, trying to blog, and planning the next day of my trip. :)


  1. Those aren't "roadrunners"...they are wild turkeys.

  2. Are you sure? There are wild turkeys at my uncle's farm and they look a lot differently. There were no feathers on their bottoms either.