Friday, May 13, 2011

Astros Fever

So, first:
UPDATE-I am currently in Huntsville, Alabama for the Eades/Beckner wedding. My Aunt Barbara's family that I met in Colorado this past summer. Amazing people, so nice. Went to Vicksburg, Mississippi and Jackson (their capitol). Am having a wonderful time. AND today my friend Kristi just booked our Boston/Salem, Massachusetts trip! Have another planned for Chicago and now Natchez, Mississippi and South Padre Island. This summer is going to be AMAZING!

But continuing with the blog. The last couple weekends I have been getting some 50% off tickets to the Astros games. These two trips were with a friend Shanna (for the first trip) and Deborah (work).
Walking up to the stadium. This would be the Thursday night game. Love it in the summer when the sun stays out for a while!

View of the stadium when walking in from outfield entrance.

Go Astros! When they took the field on Thursday night.

Shanna and I were coming straight from work so I got a hot dog. This thing was a foot long and very thick. Couldn't really finish it, though. But still...gotta have a hot dog at a baseball game!

Another view from our seats.

Shanna twisted my arm and we got margaritas. I'm not gonna lie, I finished it pretty quickly. But for $11.75 you'd think I would have sipped.

Fire won!!

When leaving the field I loved the homerun pump. 1053 homeruns have been hit at Minute Maid Park. Hopefully the majority from Astros :)

That Thursday night, another lost...but we had a come back. Just couldn't pull it off.

Then that Saturday Deborah and I went. It was my first time sitting on the visitors side...Definitely not as fun but still great seats.

We got there really early and got to watch batting practice for both teams. Unfortunately no balls were hit our way due to the cages.

Yay, hottie.

A children's choir singing the National Anthem...

Braun was Deborah's favorite. But I took his picture because it had been in the news lately where one of his fans wrote her cell number on a poster and got the media's attention. She got like 600 text messages and 125 voicemails or something. There was a YouTube showing Braun actually calling the girl but her mailbox was full. Total bummer!
Trying to get a picture of the wave. It had to have gone around like 5-10 times. Great crowd.

And Deborah and I finally got to see a WIN!!!!!! Woohoo!! It looked like the huddle they made back a few years ago when they won the penant, though. But a win this season seems to be cause enough to celebrate big.

Another laid back weekend trying to get caught up although I think I slept most of that next day. I'm a stress sleeper, for sure.

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