Sunday, May 1, 2011

Utah: Day 1

So, here's how it happened: I have a good friend that I work with and we were supposed to do the Virginia/DC trip together. Their plans changed and we didn't go. Then, we planned to do a Hill Country tour during the Easter long weekend. We were planning on leaving Thursday night, after work, but that morning Krisit texted me saying, "Wouldn't it be cool if we found a cheap flight?" Of course, I was all ears! So at lunch we found a cheap flight to Salt Lake City for $140. Rental car $12 a night and hotel $69 a night. So, the next morning we took off!!
As our plane got to the area, we looked out the window and it was BEAUTIFUL. If you know me you know I'd pick mountains over any other natural beauty. I was in HEAVEN!
No tourists really go to Salt Lake City so there's no telling what people around us on the plane were thinking as Kristi and I were shreiking at the sights below us.

So, we left Houston at 82 degrees and walked into...37 degrees, Lol. But we weren't complaining. :)

When we arrived in Utah we didn't have anything booked. So once we got our luggage we got on Expedia and found the rental car prices. Then followed along the airport signs for the rental cars. Ended up getting Dollar Rental for $12 a day but look at the background of the rentals. Yay for more mountains!

Got a Chevy Cobalt. Cute car and even better gas milage! We filled up before we returned it for $35 and as you'll see we drove a LOT. So, great deal.

Leaving the airport with beautiful background scenery.

Once we got in the car I pulled out my blog notes from my travel site and got some listings of places seen on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Found the Red Iguana serving Mexican food. Kristi and I LOVE Mexican food so we were in!

Guy Fieri suggested the Mango Enchiladas only served on Fridays and guess what?!? It was Friday! Very tasty, especially with my Mango Margarita :) He asked if I wanted beans and rice which I happily said, "YES!" but the bill showed they charged me $3.40 for them. Lol, I mean, dang, that's kinda expensive for a staple...In Texas, each dish comes with them. (For FREE) :)

We saw this sign leaving the airport. So, after we ate we went back and snapped the silly pictures. But, I was glad to have it! Kristi was an AMAZING travel partner, she was up for all the silly tourist things I love. This was just on the side of the freeway but it was super fun, no matter what people were thinking as they zoomed by. So, Salt Lake City is the home of some scrapbooking companies that Kristi loves. Since we went to my lunch choice we went to her scrapbooking places next. This place didn't have what she was looking for though, but they totally sent us in the right direction.

Why doesn't my Kohl's have that scenery behind it?!? :)

This was the scrapbooking store that had some AMAZING things and the line that Kristi was looking for. I found some CUTE stuff, too. The people were SOOOO friendly!!

Driving around Salt Lake City :)

Well, I asked our waiter at the Red Iguana, "where should we go if we just have 2 days to look around?" and he suggested Park City. So, we headed out to the Olympic City from the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002.

Olympic Park City

If you look on the right you can see the yellow sign saying "Welcome to Olympic Park City" with the skiing downhill (stuff) along it. The flags are on the left of the screen.

This is the bobsled that you can ride in the summer. I also found out that July 24 (birthday) is a state celebration day so I'm definitely going to have to go back some day and celebrate (and ride this thing!)

I don't have the specifics for all the winter games (and they're not labeled in the area) but I know this is where they ski down and then do all the flips. The interesting part is the water on the bottom of the screen was completely frozen over. And it's mid-April! But they had just had snow hit in some of the crazy weather that's been taking place lately.

Then we headed to the historic downtown of Park City. Cute shops....but it was about 5-6pm and there weren't many people around shopping. We did find this souvenir shop and I got a patch for my travel bag.
Park City historic downtown

There is also a Tanger Outlet Center here. Not many stores that I was interested in, though. We only went into one store...but I'm terribly spoiled with San Marcos.

Watching the sun set over the mountains while driving back to Salt Lake City.

Then we kept driving towards the City and found an even more beautiful sunset from the mountains further away in Salt Lake. So pretty...

I took like 10 pictures of this, lol. Never gets old.

Driving into Salt Lake .... at sunset.

We used my Hampton Inn app on my iPhone to find the cheapest location, which was around the airport. Since it was only 5 miles from the airport to downtown we decided to stay at the cheaper area. After we unpacked I used my blog, again, to find a place from Man vs. Food. He ate at the Crown Burger, known for their pastrami cheeseburgers.

Oh, and I found out that Salt Lake is also known for having french fry sauce. It's pretty much the orange stuff from Outback's Awesome Blossom and Burger King's onion ring sauce. It's a mixure of mayo, ketchup and horse raddish, or something like that. Not bad, though, definitely.

HOWEVER, Adam Richman must have a stomach of STEEL. This thing gave me the BIGGEST stomach ache ever. Thank goodness, I got some sleep and took some medicine and was able to keep up with my travels.

Then, I begged Kristi to go see the infamous Mormon Temple lit up at night. Very beautiful!

A side shot of it, as well.... Luckily, I got to see it up close and personal on Day 2.

And the beautiful state capitol was a few blocks away.

And then back to the hotel for a few hours of rest. I was so tired I didn't even farm or facebook. I was just wiped out!

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