Saturday, May 21, 2011

Southern Wedding Trip: Day 5

Day 5 was a LOT of driving. And sadly, I overdid it the night before. I got back to the hotel around 3:30am and my uncle knocked on the door at 6am to pack and leave back to Texas. 10 long hours in the car was miserable. Everyone was on edge by the time we got back. But, with time I was back at our family lakehouse! I love the lakehouse so much. I got to see my Aunt B and eventually my uncle got off my case, lol. John, one of the neighbors invited us over to watch the sunset on his deck. Heaven right here, my friends...

I love his deck! It's so country lol. It's got odds and ends EVERYWHERE.

When the sun went down we had a drink by the chiminea. Very cozy and I LOVE the Christmas lights!

And, as I left the next day (Day 6) back to Houston I took a picture of where I had my accident. You really couldn't see much, but now my car is kinda jacked up. Got new tires, alignment and oil change on Wednesday of this week. But my car alarm keeps going off and I just know it's gonna cost me. Had a GREAT friend help me find the fuse but blah blah blah I'm just happy my car is running and I'm safe. Right??

This weekend I'm relaxing and taking it easy. Saving up for the end of school energy I need and the money I don't have, lol. Disneyland in 20 days!!!!!!!

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