Monday, May 16, 2011

Southern Wedding Tour: Day 2 Jackson Mississippi

Day 2 started well. We "slept in" until 7am. Then we headed back to the Vicksburg Naitonal Military Park for some books because my aunt and uncle loved it so much. Then we took off towards Hunstville, Alabama. However, the night before I had found an entry in my 1000 Things book and they let me stop in Jackson, Mississippi to see the house you'll see. They were NOT impressed but I sure was. I think this woman and I are kindred spirits. :)

Eudora Welty was a woman who won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. The home was BEAUTIFUL!
Nice, huh?
The house next door was the visitors center/museum where the tour started. The people working there were really friendly. The man I talked to let us show up 20 minutes late, which was the time it took to watch the video. Then we tagged on to tour the house. Since it was the 13th of the month, which is her birthday, we got in free. :)
National Landmark!
Unfortunately, there were no pictures allowed inside the house, but the museum at the visitor's center was very neat.
Her Pulitzer :) Was actually found stacked in an old closet.
Her passport :) She was known for travelling a lot, specifically around Europe.
And while talking on the porch about the garden there is this neighborhood cat that cuddles with everyone. So cute!
Eudora's mother loved the garden. Unfortunately after her death she couldn't find anyone to tend to it. But after Eudora's death students from the University made it into its original look.
More of the garden.

And, I got to take a picture of the Mississippi Capitol Building...
Pretty picture :)
The Supreme Court building...unlike Texas, which is inside the Capitol Building.
After a few shots we headed towards Hunstville, Alabama to meet the family for dinner.
Stopped right across the border in Alabama.
Were all set up nice, here.
Lots of brochures but my uncle made us hurry along...
Got the hotel with an hour or two to spare until dinner. Uploaded my Day 1 post and did some farming :)
Then off to dinner with the Eades families...Had a great time. Met some great people!

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