Sunday, May 8, 2011

Utah: Day 3

Well, our flight didn't leave until around 1pm so we decided to pick a place we hadn't been yet. Kristi had wanted to see the Beehive House so off we set for a small side trip before taking the rental car back.
The view when walking out of our hotel :)
The Beehive House is the complex where Brigham Young lived.
It's right beside the huge Mormon admin buildings...
Brigham Young's house where he slept with his favorite wife and children.
Kristi was taking pictures of these so I ended up taking one too. Ends up...It's called Eagle Gate and been there since 1859 marking the beginning of Brigham Young's place.
The grounds were really pretty!
Historical marker!
Or, I should say....MarkerS

The Lion House....for the lion that sits upon the center of the house or stoop.
The tulips were BEAUTIFUL. I couldn't stop photographing them.

So true!
A sculpture of Brigham Young inside the house.
The Beehive that sits on top of the house.
And my last picture of Salt Lake City....the Beehive House.
What an AMAZING experience to just get up and go with someone who will now be a best friend for life. Can't wait for July when Kristi and I hit Boston and Salem, Massachusetts!

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