Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Astros!

I went with my friends Heather and Brandi to the Astros again because of Groupon. We played the Dodgers and were close to winning....but did not. However, I got a text from one of my students' moms and it turns out we were ON TV!!! Heather actually snagged the foul ball that landed right next to my ankle but....I happened to be texting on my phone lol and missed it. DANG IT!! :)
More great seats! (Not the best picture) but we were about row 13. I LOVE Groupon! Can't wait until they start partnering with Expedia for travel coupons!
The Jumbo Tron showing the Astros vs. the Dodgers...
Great time with Heather and Brandi, like always. We're planning even more nights out (and longer) now....totally excited to go to Chicago with Heather in July, too!

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