Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Alamo Student Trip

Well, my travelling horizons are being stretched this summer, for sure. First ever trip with a student from my class! Lol! At our school festival this year I auctioned off a trip to the Alamo with a student, friend and parent. So, one of my good friends Lori bought it. I took off with her, Nicolas (my student) and his 3 year old sister McKenzie to San Antonio. We really had a BLAST!

We parked in the mall parking lot and immediately walked towards the Alamo but decided not to stop quite yet. Were really interested in the shops around it. :) We each got some great shirts. I got a THING 1 shirt for Dr Seuss day!
Then we headed to the River Walk to find some food. Love the River!

Gotta love the restaurants along the water. Although it was really hot to eat outside.
So we stopped at Rio Rio and chose to sit indoors.
Ha! UT chips ;) Orange and white, lol.
The Naked Lizard Lounge was the section of the restaurant we sat in... Call it whatever you want, it had lots of AC!
While walking along the river we saw all these baby ducklings!!
Then we headed for the River Center Mall. Love it!
We stopped and got some ice cream. I loved the chairs at the food court!
After MUCH shopping, and letting the kids play at the indoor playground we went back to the Alamo this time for REAL. Unfortunately we read the hours wrong and it was closed... :(
But, it being closed allowed for amazing pictures...
Thank you Texan troops!
We talked to a Park Ranger to ask what else we could do in the area and he suggested El Mercado (the market). I thought we could drive but he suggested taking the trolley and staying parked in the SAFE mall parking. It was a fun $2.20 ride (there and back). The kids REALLY liked it!
Unfortunately (or fortunately for my bank account) the Market was closing up. We headed to La Tierra restaurant and bakery for some yummy treats for our Houston friends back home.

I got some sugar bread and a caramel empanada for home and it only cost me $1.70. Awesome prices!
Flashy decorations hanging above us...
Gotta love the ourdoor patio too. It was a bummer that we had just eaten because we were really hoping to eat here. But with a 2 hour wait it was probably better we didn't... It was a BLAST and I hope to have more adventures with students and show them how fun our state (and world) really is!

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