Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pre Disney Day!

What a vacation!!!! I don't often call my trips vacations but this one was definitely the best beginning to the summer I've ever had!!!!
We started off our trip with a Pre-Disney Day where we all hung out together and did all our pre trip stuff. The funnest part of the day (yes, I know that's not a word) was getting manicures and pedicures. It was my first time and I loved being pampered. I'm thinking I need to do this before all my trips!
Cute Mickey design on my toes. But I'm not a fingernail paint kinda gal.
After manis/pedis we headed to Which Wich? I cannot believe I've never tried this before. It was DELICIOUS! But what cracked me up was Kathy, Brandon and I each marked our sandwiches differently, not even knowing... I had checks, Brandon colored in the circles, William slashed and Kathy exed out the choices. It was pretty funny to me.
Since our flight was at 7am (I think) we got way excited and headed over at like 3am. We took Southwest whose baggage rules allow for 2 bags each (under 50 pounds) so I took two. With everyone else it made the back of William's truck FULL!
Hobby Airport at 4am :)
Brandon was excited to eat the breakfast sausage at Pappasito's in the airport. He had it last year and loved it. By 5am when they opened I was pretty hungry too so I had a breakfast taco. So good and so filling!
Kathy loved Peet's coffee so we stopped and got some too. I wasn't going to have any but William told me to taste his and it was darn good, so I got a cup too. :)
The waiting area of Hobby for our flight to LA!
Houston.... We love our shuttles! :)
I found some fancy chairs to sit at. Loved that we could charge our phones too. Our set up :)
Our plane to LA!
Kathy and I shared a row. She took the window, and I took the aisle. We put the tray down in the middle and I had my working station going here, lol. Southwest gave us some great snacks (not like the ones we got coming home). Of course had to have my Los Angeles travel book out too :)
My iPod headphone decorations I found at the Disney store. Love them! (Lost them unfortunately, though but for $4.50 I'm not depressed).
Before we knew it we were in LA and it was only 8am in the morning!
We used Enterprise to get a car. William and Brandon were so sweet to get us an upgrade to a Dodge SUV. Loved it! William did an AWESOME job driving the whole week!!
He also was a master at packing. All of our luggage was a tight squeeze but we got it in! And as soon as we did.......away we went!! :) Day 1 coming next!

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