Tuesday, June 28, 2011

California Day 5: Part 2 (PM)

After a nice rest at the hotel we got back to Disney business and got a prime seat for the parade. Beginning the parade were .... MICKEY AND MINNIE! :)
The genie was there too....
Aladdin (heart throbbing, lol)
The little mermaid!! Probably the Disney movie that I sing most often.
Donald!! That I got to meet later in the week.
And the princesses!!!!!
Oh, Cinderella, I've loved you (and envied you) my wholeeeeeee life, lol.
Mary Poppins came riding by on her horse to end the show.
Then we rode the (terrifying) Splash Mountain and got SOAKED! Really, I didn't get it too bad since I took off my shoes and put on Old Navy flip flops and sat towards the back but OMG, Brandon and William were completely wet. What a thrill, though, really.
Then we rode Thunder Mountain and I LOVED it. Like a roller coaster but so much more fun. I wish they lasted for 10 minutes at a time but then I guess you'd be in line forever. Great ride, though!
After that the sun set and it was time to play Toy Story's Astros Orbiter. So fun, but I was horrible with the lazers so, of course, being a sore loser, I didn't have as much fun as I COULD have, lol.
The rides in Astros Orbiter so you could see the lazer guns you shoot.
Then we used our Fast Passes for SPACE MOUNTAIN. Probably the best ride in the park for grown ups. I LOVED being in the dark with all the twinkle lights. Absolutely AMAZING!
Walking into the lines for Space Mountain!
Then we went back to the Partner Statue/Main Street Disney for the firework show.
My favorite firework picture... :)
Another shot of the show they put on with the outline of the Partner Statue with the castle, in blue..
A HUGE Dumbo flying through the air during the firework show...
We were pretty hungry by that time so we went had some dinner at the Pizza Port. I had pizza but everyone else got pasta (losers...) JK!
Then we rode the Alice in Wonderland ride...Loved it!
Rode on these caterpillars :D
Love the colors of the ride......so awesome.
Then we rode PETER PAN! Loved, loved it!!!!! We were "flying" through England. Magical, really.
The boats you "fly" on...
Right beside Peter Pan was Mr. Toad's ride where you literally end up in Hell. Very strange... Will need to rewatch that movie to figure it all out!
And finally, the child inside of me LIVED while riding DUMBO!!!!!!!
And as the park closed at midnight, at 11:59 I hopped on King Arthur's Carousel for the last ride of the night. Such a wonderful day at Disneyland. Life......good.

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