Thursday, June 9, 2011

Memorial Day

Summer has started off with a relaxing but BUSY week preparing for my travels. I couldn't really leave because I had a leadership conference Tuesday and then planned an Alamo trip with a student and his family on Monday. Plus, I don't want to leave my house in a total mess since I had to move EVERYTHING out of my classroom and into a storage facility (and my garage).

Anyways, tomorrow I leave for my CALIFORNIA TRIP!!!!! So excited. LA for 4 days and Disneyland for 4 days with Brandon, William and Kathy. Last night at 1:30am we also found out we were selected to be in the audience of The Voice. Woohoo!!!!!!
I'm so ready for this trip (and the ones after that).

But before I leave I'm updating my blog. So here's a couple weeks ago, for Memorial Day.

I was so stressed with work but my Aunt B persuaded me to come to the lakehouse in East Texas and from there we left for Waxahacie for the Scarborough Faire. We went there 2 years ago but she loved it so much we planned another trip. I'm glad, though, because it was good practice for Disney and Cali! Lots of walking in lots of heat!

An overview of Scarborough Faire. Love that big tree too...

One of the eating sections where you can sit and eat some of the huge variety of food choices.

One of the first things we did was go to see the Birds of Prey show. My aunt works for a doctor who knows this man (a surgeon himself) and we watched the beautiful birds they have rescued so well.

A pretty barn owl...

It appeared to be a baby owl but nope! This owl is an adult, just tiny. Cuteeeeeee

An owl that I recognized more frequently seen and portrayed in books/movies.

A falcon! I love this picture, just wish I could take the brightness out...

As soon as the bird show was over I high tailed it to the place that I had seen years ago that made silver necklaces with ancient simples on them. I got the ancient symbol for the protection of travelers :) So, now I have something to wear all summer as I venture out!

Other than shopping and eating the other main thing to do is watch the entertainment/shows. Here's a huge stage with a pirate ship prop.

This guy was hilarious. He was at a Pub, so we had a beer and listened. People shouted out random words as he told a story and he had to incorporate a couple words we through out in the beginning. I think it was mermaids and beer. But people kept shouting out really......raunchy words and other stuff. Very funny, though....

My two wonderful aunts!!!!!

I really enjoyed the Dr. KaBOOM show. This guy travels around the world doing really cool science experiments and advocating our science and math education in the United States. Really loved his show.

A vinegar and baking soda rocket.

Eating some of the crazy food. This was fried macaroni and cheese on a stick. Thank goodness we all shared it .... It was really filling.

Sooner than later it was time for the joust, the closing of the Faire. This was my favorite knight, for obvious reasons. :)

This was the knight that my section rooted for, but he was a cheater. Boooooooo


The officiator...trying to break up the fight.

Watch where you put that sword, now!

The joust...

Then, it was sadly time to go. Aunt B and I made some plans to go to Mississippi this summer and then I had to leave early Monday to help volunteer with the USO for my mom. Monday morning I met my mom at the NBC studios in Houston to do the telethon for the USO. My first time at a tv studio. It was really cool!

Answering the phones for the USO, and the man standing in front was doing the live commercials asking people to call in.

Another can see my mom at the end of the table, too. :)

Actually Live on TV. My mommy behind him. :)

I was too busy taking pictures of the production crew and all the equipment.

Bill Balleza came to do the next promo and I got to say hi to him. I should have taken a picture of him to show my students but I was too nervous, lol.

He set his microphone down right next to me, lol. But, my car alarm kept going off so I left. I had so much other stuff to do anyways. But I loved my time there and was happy to be of help to the USO.

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