Monday, June 27, 2011

California Day 4: The Voice taping and Disney arrival

So Day 4 was supposed to be Knox Berry Farm but Brandon had us all sign up for a lottery of free Voice tickets (the show on NBC). Well, a day or two before we left we were notified we had tickets! So we cancelled Knox Berry and decided to go to Burbank and Warner Bros studios for the day to sit in the audience of The Voice...and yes, we were on TV :)

Warner Bros. studios! Where we went to tape The Voice as audience members.
Since we would be at the studio from 2pm until 8-9pm Kathy found us Bob's Big Boy Burgers (historic!!) to eat at right down the straight.
The inside...
I totally ordered the original big boy burger and some fries...
Bob :) Or is it Bobby? He's kinda young, you know...
I've never had a Big Mac but I'm thinking this is as close as I'm going to get. It was really good. I wish I could have enjoyed it but Brandon was freaking out about being late, so I ate a bit of it then left....
Outside the restaurant... while the others smoked (yucky).

Then we headed to the Voice taping. Amazing! Did you know it's hard work to be an audience member though? You're TOLD to cheer, TOLD to stand, TOLD to scream, etc and often...Not that I didn't LOVE the experience, but dang, it was WORK. Lol

After the Voice we hit a McDonald's on the way to Disney to check in and make sure we had enough time for the first night show... In only 30-45 minutes we were at DISNEY!!!!!!!
We checked into our Disney hotel, Paradies Pier. So cute!
Total beach theme...
Surfin' Goofy!
Cute rooms, huh??
Every detail was complete!! Even the lamps :)
After checking in and quickly changing out of our "hip and trendy" required dress code for the Voice to some sneakers and shorts we RAN to Fantasmic at Disneyland...and I'm so glad we did. GREAT SHOW!! Peter Pan and Captain Hook were fighting during the show on the life-sized pirate boat.
And the water was flaming as Mickey and the Prince battled the Queen in her dragon persona.
Then at the end ALL the popular Disney characters and princesses come around on the Mark Twain Steamboat...
Can you see Woody right above the K in Mark Twain?
With 2 hours left of the park opening we ran to our FIRST RIDE AT DISNEYLAND!!!! Winnie the Pooh, omg, so good!
We rode in honeycombs!
The colors and animation were AMAZING!
Love this picture, Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE!
The ending of the ride with all the characters having their party!
Then we rode the Haunted Mansion (another FAV!). We rode it the last night as this ride. It's just the right amount of spooky for me :) Kid-sized...I hate scary things.
Then we read Pirates of the Caribbean. Loved this too!! You ride in a boat on water...and look at all the scenes...and try to spot Jack Sparrow. And I swear it was Johnny Depp a couple LIFE-LIKE. Absolutely amazing...
Then we stopped on the way out and had a "Dole Whip" which was a lite ice cream/yogurt with a pineapple flavor made from Dole. Wow, it was great and SO filling...
Then as the others ate their Dole I held mine and took pictures of the Partners statue and Sleeping Beauty's castle!
"I know you....I walked with you once upon a dream...."
Walking back through Main Street Disney. Brandon, William and Kathy stopped and had some coffee. The stores stay open an additional hour after the midnight closing time of the rides. Awww just writing this makes me miss it already!

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