Thursday, June 9, 2011

Highland Village-Houston

Most people around me know I'm a lover of the Newspaper. I read it every day and from there I get a lot of places around Houston to explore and a lot of other ideas. So, last week there was a write up in the Business Section on the Highland Village area (shopping center) of Houston, right by the Galleria area. So last Saturday I had time to spare and took off....
I read the article that included two places: The Paper Source and Sprinkles. These two businesses are putting up with major construction in their building. I loved both, though!
Paper Source was more of a gift store that includes scrapbooking and stationary. Very cute store! Spent probably $40-50, though *UNEXPECTEDLY!
Got some funny stuff...Didn't get these but hilarious. Stop people from stealing your pens... (Click on the picture to see a magnified version).
Then went next to Sprinkles, a cupcake store, started in Beverly Hills. :)
Such a cute, chic display...
My box of cupcakes!
I got three cupcakes to share...Red Velvet (the circular button-looking cupcake), Black/White (the white with black sprinkles), and the dark one was PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE!
The peanut butter one was allllll mine!
Inside it had chocolate chips. Soooooo good, will be returning!!

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