Friday, June 24, 2011

California Day 2: Thrills at Six Flags Magic Mountain

So Day 2 was definitely QUITE the excitement. I hadn't been on a roller coaster in probably a, although it was like riding a bike, it was absolutely a great experience. So good, I got a season pass for Six Flags so I could go to the one in Dallas and San Antonio. :)
We got there as it opened...but it was already busy.
The entrance...
The Flash Pass system was AWESOME! We paid an extra $80 per person but there was absolutely no waiting in line and we wore a wrist band that let us do most rides (NOT X2) twice in a row. (And yes, turns out that pisses the people after you off very badly).
Ok, it's true I chickened out on the first ride, I did. But it was SCARY. Youtube Tatsu and watch how you ride the entire time on your stomach. No thank you! Luckily, the next ride we went to was Apocalypse which was a real roller coaster (I think those are my favorite). It was a great ride to start on, and it only got worse/better from there, lol.
After riding Apocalypse twice it was our scheduled time to ride X2. I was sooooo nervous. I mean look at that drop....and you do it BACKWARDS in a seat that rolls 360 degrees around. Absolutely insane. Thank goodness there were 3 different iron clad seatbelts....
Look at that DROP. 87% or something of the sort. You definitely should Youtube what the ride looks like. It's.....exhilerating, though, if you survive.
Another look at the rest of X2. Again, you're going backwards at times, and constantly flipping around 360 back and forward.
A side shot of Superman and Goliath. Really helps you see how tall Superman is!!
I took this shot after we rode X2...You can see the feet dangling down and yes, they are riding up backwards. You can't even see when you get to the top!
After X2, we took a break in the park's only restaurant, the Moose Burger Lodge. Had a yummy turkey sandwich so that my stomach didn't get all crazy. But man, the cheesesticks Brandon got looked good, lol... But surviving the day was the plan.
After lunch we did some of the water and baby rides. This was the Roadrunner Express, new to Magic Mountain.
Then a great coaster called Goliath. Another amazing ride.
Then the free fall drop, Superman. The ride literally lasts 15 seconds. You shoot BACKWARDS (again) all the way up top (you can hardly see it but there's a cart of people right at the top of the picture) and then free fall all the way back down. Again, in 15 seconds. Crazy!! But oh, so cool!
Colossus was the old white coaster they rode in National Lampoon's Vacation. Kathy and I rode twice, though Brandon was getting worried about missing all the big rides. We totally got in trouble but it was worth it. The ride is like 4 minutes long and you keep going up and down hills. Very fun...
And the last big ride of the day was Deja Vu. HOLY CRAP!!!! You begin the ride going speeding up that tall blue post on the left. Then through all that silly spinning stuff. Then you completely reverse and it hoists you up the post on the RIGHT but on your stomach facing the damn GROUND all the way up there, SLOWLY. I literally thought I was going to plummit to my death but I'm writing this so clearly I didn't.....

What an exciting day. I never felt so alive......I can't thank Brandon enough for sharing those sort of feelings with me. I felt like a kid again. Can't wait to go back!

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