Monday, August 2, 2010

BBQ Tour: Day 1

I was reading the Houston Chronicle one day and found a story on a Connecticut man who toured the major BBQ powerhouses of Central Texas. I asked a friend if she'd want to go and with her confirmation I marked the map and we headed out.
Well, our first destination was in Taylor, Texas just NW of Austin. We were heading towards Louie Meuller's BBQ but alas, we found this. It was a MONDAY! What do you mean, so much bbq got eaten on a MONDAY that you aren't open at 6:30pm? So, we headed another hour South...
The Salt Lick BBQ is about 20 minutes SW of Austin. So, after an unanticipated extra hour in the car we were hungry and ready for bbq. But, so were a LOT of other people...
The parking lot alone was scary at how vast it was. Would we ever eat bbq tonight??
After we put our name down we waited in this outdoor picnic area. It was BYOB, bring your own beer, and I was thankful for the few Smirnoff Ice's I had left over from the Colorado trip. Unforunately, they weren't cold and there were only a few, so I saved them for our meal.
Everyone was looking longingly in this direction...the actual restaurant where our taste buds would soon be cleansed with the salty, smoked taste of Texas BBQ. And everyone waited patiently with the hostess and her hand-held microphone to call the family name.
Well, after 20 minutes or so, we were getting bored so we took the time to make sure our existence here was a proven fact. Soon enough our names were called.
We walked into a open space of picnic tables. It was loud and busy but I was so busy watching the meat come from the counter that I barely was aware of anything else around me. After cracking a Smirnoff, our lovely waitress Kris helped us order a combo plate so we could try small portions of three different meats. Well, Sandi had never been at a bbq place before, so with a little extra help and explanation of meat, we finally placed our order.
Sandi and her first bite of BBQ!
My combo plate included brisket, turkey and a pork rib. Each was outstanding...
As we were leaving I stopped to take a picture of the Holy Grail of the meat we had entirely consumed. While doing so one of the waitresses invited me into the kitchen to get a shot of the fire and see/feel how intense it really is back here.
I only wish it hadn't been so late and close to closing because I know during the day that thing is covered in meat.... Salt Lick, keep fulfilling your carniverous purpose in life, we love you and can't wait to see you soon! :)
Outdoor area when no one is around...and all lit up for nighttime.
We set up our refuge for the BBQ tour at the Hampton Inn on 35 and 183. For real, just stay downtown. It looks like there's a $20 difference but there really isn't with taxes. Love my Hamptons, though.
Um, sorry, Mr. Monkey, we'll give you your privacy! Goodnight! :)

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