Monday, August 2, 2010

Brenham and SPONTANEOUS Kerrville

Well, Friday, I had nothing else planned so I went ahead and went to Brenham, following the Texas Highways July Magazine. My plan was to go to the Washington-on-the-Brazos State Park. So, I went somewhere to get something to eat first, so that I didn't get light headed, as the day was hot and I hadn't eaten. I've always seen this diner on the side of the road, so I thought it'd be a nice place to stop for a bit, rather than fast food.

I had a burger and fries.....Not anything special but it was made there to order so I wasn't displeased.
Then, I went for the Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Park... Here is where the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed committing treason upon Mexico, the original owner of the land. Thus started the Texas Revolution.
The Visitors Center was very and the best place to start your journey. Here is where you pay your $9 or so to look at the rest of the park attractions, which include the Lone Star Museum (or Rose Museum, something like that), and the Barrington Farm or some living history farm.
Inside is the museum that has a good exhibit on the history of how Texas became a state.
Here was one of the artifacts in the small museum.... They also had a great gift shop :) For the record... LOL
Love me some historical plaques!!
Independence Hall... I didn't purchase the tour so I'm a little unsure of what happened here. I'm pretty sure, however, it's where the declaration was signed...or represents the type of place/building it would have been signed in.
The plaque....
Then, I called my friend Sandi, and we high tailed it to Kerrville (5 hours from Houston) to catch the show Cats at the Point Theatre. While going there we passed into Johnson City (Sandi's last name) so we stopped for photos.
Point Theatre...
The set of Cats.....NOT professionals... Lol, I thought they would be, but nope, just local kids and all ages coming together to sing along to a recording of background music. Dancing weak but they have great heart!
Tons of people, and the show doesn't start til the sun goes down so it's actually not so bad.
View of the river from our seats. AND, once the sun went down we saw all these awesome lightning bugs!! It was great.... So, maybe a waste of money, but who cares? Lol, it's summer and I had a fun time. Nothing like crossing something off your travel list!

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