Tuesday, August 3, 2010

BBQ Tour: Day 2

We actually started Day 2 VERY lazily. Sandi and I woke up for breakfast but then I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon pool side while she slept. After a good time pool side and in the pool, getting too red, we took off to Llano, 75 miles NW of Austin, because it's Brian's FAVORITE bbq.
We got to Cooper's around 2-3pm so it wasn't busy at all. In fact, we were the only car when we pulled in.
The dining area was nothing but picnic tables, tubs of pickles, mustard, paper towels and bread bags. And when I saw we were the only ones there, I meant it. :)
So when you walk up to Cooper's you will stop at the smoke pits. The magical meat man raises the meat door and an array of yummy food almost takes your breath away. "What'll you have?" Lol, love that. I chose some brisket and jalepeno sausage. Sandi picked a half chicken and rib. After our meat was placed on the plastic tray, we were told to go inside.
This nice guy took our tray and cut up our meats. Then it was weighed and priced and wrapped in paper.
Lol, how bad does that look?
Ok, only true bbq lovers are salivating right now...Others just lost their appetite. THANKFULLY, Cooper's has silverware for you! (Not all BBQ Institutions do!)
After eating at Cooper's I drove around Llano to see the county courthouse. Pretty building and... National historic building!
They had all these plaques of men from the area who gave their lives in all the recent wars from Vietnam to... the Iraqi Freedom and War on Terror. Old Llano...
Sandi, Brian and I tried to play Bingo at Union Park Bar but we got there too late. So we went to Katz's Deli right beside since B was hungry. Unfortunately, my stomach was still full of bbq so I only had drinks. But the drinks were great. Pretty sure Dave Navarro was our waiter. B had to fly in the morning so Sandi and I shut the bar down across the street. Gotta love Austin.
Cheers from 6th Street....Tomorrow, try No. 2 with Louie Meuller's

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