Wednesday, August 4, 2010

BBQ Tour: Day 3

Well, Sandi and I were ready to go. We weren't going very fast on our tour, and I was getting a bit letdown about the night before so we ended up trying Taylor again on the way home.
Thank goodness, we were much earlier but thankfully missed a huge lunch crowd.
The small surroundings of Talyor. It was quite abandoned. LOL
The meat was held back out of view so it wasn't quite as fun as the previous places. But as we waited for the guy to get another brisket he cut us off little pieces to munch on. Wow, it was so good, we were totally salivating while we waited lol.
I got a sliced beef brisket sandwich and a baked potato. Definitely, my favorite. The brisket had this crunchy outer layer that had so much flavor. I HATE fat on meat but it was so flavorful and crunch that I almost could have eaten it by itself. It reminded me of Shake and Bake flakes. LOL, yes that's a good thing to me...
Me and Guy Fieri, man, we know how to pick em!
The wall of awards.....And Louie Meuller's BBQ deserves EVERY one of those!
Yes, no closing time, it's when the bbq is sold out. Love that!
Well in closing: Louie Mueller was definitely our favorite, both Sandi and I agreed. We loved our small trip and can't wait to return later. I had a great time and I can't wait to eat at more places I read about. It's truly fun to chase around notable places....

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