Sunday, August 1, 2010

Driving Home From Colorado

Well, since we left Colorado at 5am I don't have a lot of pictures. Well, other than it was dark, I was also sleeping most of the morning lol. But eventually we made it to TEXAS!!!
We were going to be driving through Amarillo so I was super excited to see Cadillac Ranch. I've heard all these stories and advertisements. LOL...this is what it looks like from the freeway. Looks like nothing! If you blink you'll miss it.
Now, up close, it's a whole other story. It's really quite interesting once you park and walk about 100 yards out into the field. These things are submerged half way in the ground and COVERED in layers of spray paint.


Then we were off to the world famous home of the 72 oz. Free Steak Challenge! We ate at The Big Texan Steak Ranch. It was quite the spectacle.
Inside it was Huge! Upstairs dining was minimal but it was a loud, spacious place to enjoy.
Here is the set up for the steak challenge. Our waitress says there are about 20 people a day who take the challenge. Sadly enough in our hour or two there were no people trying to take the challenge.
I had the 6oz. filet and it was just the right size for me. It was really good! The margarita was named the Singing Margarita hinting at its strength. Very good :)
Outside we saw the Longhorn Limo. It picks up people from local hotels. Nice...
And, after 14 hours, we finally saw Abilene. On the road we saw these baby turkeys crossing the street. It was a sure sign we were almost to Barbara and Terry's house. How good it felt to get out of that car after a LONG day of driving!

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