Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fort Worth (Last Weekend)

Last weekend I got away for the weekend before school started! I went to the Kimball Art Museum because of the Texas Highways editor's article on architecture. The small art museum was followed by shopping :) and good food. I had a fun trip, and it was good to see Fort Worth again!
The Kimball Art Museum's architecture looks very strange to me. But in some aspects like a blank slate, filled with beauty and art on the inside, but very blah on the outside. It was almost like entering a vault.
Up close of the sculpture in front of the entrance.
There weren't hundreds of paintings but the artists they had acquired were very dinstinctive! Here is a Rembrandt.
My FAVORITE just sort of spoke to me. The Martyrdom of Saint Ursula and the Eleven Thousand Maidens. A woman whose about to die, just looking up. I was thinking, how many times do we think we're in such a bad place and never see the angels above looking down on us and holding out their hands, longing to help and heal us. I don't know, it was just sort of inspirational to know we're not alone when we suffer, or are near death.
Van Gogh!
The only appropriate Picasso I could post :)
The book store and down the corrider was the new Maya exhibit to open THIS weekend. I wish I had seen it but it'll be in town for about 6 months so I have time. :)
The small area with the pieces of art.
Arguably, the first Michaelangelo painting made in his primary years of study. Just acquired for the museum! Outside of the Kimball Art Museum. They had water running in a little reflection pond area. I sat out with my journal and just had some quiet time with my iPod. Ahhh, gotta love those peaceful moments in your life. When I was finished with the museum I asked the information desk for a mall recommendation. I was worried because it was tax free weekend, but the malls were actually pretty bearable. Had a good experience. Didn't really find anything here at the Ridgmar Mall except I spent MEGA coupons on at one store.
So I GPSed another mall and ended up here at the Hulen Mall. Here I found some cute dresses at the department stores :) Woohoo!
The low point of the trip was leaving the Hulen Mall and looking for a Starbucks to look for cheap hotel rates. I think I spent 45 minutes going around to these Starbucks Mystery Places from my GPS. I eventually just stopped at a Denny's and got a cup of coffee while searching. Found the best price was here at Hampton Inn in Forest Hill...which was actually on the way home!
The room was beautiful...
And the suite was only $5 more so I had to do it. I spent the night here getting some work done and crashing hard. Woke up early, got some breakfast, and headed up to prep for the first day of school!!
Fort Worth, hope to see you soon!!

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