Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blue Bell and the Brenham Airport

On Tuesday, we went to Brenham, Texas to go to the Bluebell Factory. On our way there I saw the billboard for the Southern Flyer Diner. It's right on the small runway where the small planes land. I thought it'd be fun for the boys so we decided to eat there. Too bad I'm a horrible co-pilot because my iPhone was not helping us find the place. However, we finally got there and enjoyed it very much.
The Diner
And not 50 feet from the entrance are the planes.
Lucas in the diner...he LOVED the girls in the poodle skirts
The burgers were voted some of the best in the area so I ordered one. Not bad.....

Then we were off to the Bluebell Creamery.
This would be the gift shop where they sell lots of Blue Bell merchandising. The boys got a football and I got a patch for my travel bag. When we took the tour of the creamery there are tons of free hats to put on. The boys definitely didn't keep theirs on but at least I got a good shot before this one was destroyed. It's really cute, though, to see a lot of the kids and families all have these on.
After touring the creamery everyone gets a scoop (or rather 2) or an ice cream of their choice. I think there were about 15 choices or so. I got the Soutern Blackberry Cobbler ice cream. NEW
The scoops really were very big, especially for the kids. I don't think that got eaten completely lol.
Then I took a picture of the boys in front of the Blue Bell statue and we left...
Other statue..I'm glad I got to go as tours are only Monday-Friday. For only $8 total plus souvenirs it was a great time had by all. The tour was maybe 20 minutes, 10 for ice cream, so it's great for those with small children. Would definitely recommend it.

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