Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chillin' in Dillon

So, I actually got this post and the last one out of sync but who cares...The first day we were in Dillon we actually just chilled out a bit. It was actually pretty cool to relax in such a beautiful place.
I set up shop on Jack and Nancy's porch. Not bad, huh? :)
The view from which I was posting pictures was simply amazing. I was in Heaven!
Barbara and I saw the outlet mall as we were driving into town so we decided to shop a bit. It was actually really cold at night and I didn't bring any long jeans so we headed here to see what we could find.

They had an Old Navy outlet. Now: before the surgery I was no longer wearing Old Navy jeans.... So, post surgery I was a bit nervous coming in here. I was really anxious to see if I would be wearing Old Navy clothes again.... So, I picked out a few pairs of jeans and tops and went into the dressing room... It was a VIP party! Everything I tried was fitting well. I was so excited. I felt so good and ended up buying 3-4 pair of jeans/pants and 2 tops. Nice.... It's just so weird thinking for years that you're just fat and born that way, and to find out that you are actually healthy and have a fun future is life-changing.
While shopping at the Nike Outlet we crossed this bridge (by foot) and found that at the mall there were some guys fly-flishing. Lol, never seen that in Houston malls :)
I ended up taking a walk around part of the lake that night. What great scenery, huh??
Lake Dillon
Barbara and I took off to see Keystone (only about 10 minutes away). This was our view while driving.

Unfortunately, I don't think the gondolas were working.
Nice ski trails... We went into the lodges there and were looking for this fun bar that Barbara and Terry loved but sadly enough, it was no longer there. Well, there was a bar there, but not the one she remembered.
So, we drove back to Dillon and hung out for the evening. Pretty amazing...
Oh, we ended up stopping at the Dam Brewery for a snack before joining the family. We ate on the patio, and it was pretty relaxing. Can't really hang out outside in Houston this time of year...

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