Saturday, July 17, 2010

Taos, New Mexico to Dillon, Colorado


Ok, so the day before I had walked across the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge and it was not a big deal other than getting over my own fears. Well, as we were leaving I saw a police officer approaching the bridge. Well, the next day we had to cross the bridge to get to Colorado... When we arrived on the bridge we saw all these emergency vehicles and a crane. The cars were all stopped in front of the bridge so I got out and asked someone what had happened. Someone....jumped. So, we got out to see if we could see anything. Here's what I saw...

Yes, that's the body being lifted from the bottom of the gorge. Yes, I took a picture. Maybe not as respectful an idea but sometimes I feel almost like a photographer or photojournalist so I snapped...twice.
Well, we actually ended up turning around and finding a new road to Colorado. But, we made it! First time in Colorado...woohoo! That makes my count to 20 states. Only 30 more to visit.
How beautiful is that?
So, we stopped at my aunt's friend's house named Skip. He lives in a private community of cabins near Fort Garland, Colorado.
This is his view from his porch/backyard. Not bad, huh?
There were these rock formations everywhere. It was pretty.
There were these ground squirrels that came and visited. Skip feeds them little nuts so they are regulars. It was fun to watch. I think we also saw a chipmunk but I wasn't sure of the difference.
And skip collects these trunk art. He finds them on his land and they really do look like sculptures.

Skip gave the peanuts out so here's what we got to watch. :)

Then we got into Skip's truck and went for a scenic tour of the Forbes Park Community. It was actually really fun.
He showed us how the Native Americans would cut off these bark pieces and prepare them a specific way and then they would chew on them. Supposedly it's some of the heathliest food/chew you can get.
On our way we saw this gopher. Lol he even posed for us. :) I also saw a prairie dog but he went down before I could get my camera ready.
When we got around this one area we actually caught the Rio Grande Tourist train approaching. It was kind of picturesque.
From the trip we could pull around and see these mountains. A few of them made up the "Fourteeners" club. 14 mountains in Colorado are over 14,000 feet.
And on our way out of the complex we saw these three deer. We had looked for them all day and it was nice that we finally got to see them.
So, after visiting Skip we headed to Dillon, Colorado for our extended stay with Jack and Nancy, Barbara's uncle. The views on the drive were amazing.
And just like we saw the wind farms in Texas, we saw the solar farms in Colorado.
A great example of this "tree line" business I had been learning where the mountains reach a point where vegetation and trees don't exist.
We got on this windy road among the mountains and saw all these spectacular sights along the way. Barbara hated driving around the mountains but I certainly enjoyed the ride. :) Soon enough we were in Dillon and the view here is amazing. I took most of the pictures of Dillon on my phone so I'll have to upload them later. However, the Dillon adventure has been quite fun. I'll post that next..

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