Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Colorado Time! Continental Divide and Vail

So, we started our day with a great breakfast in Dillon, Colorado at Kula's Cafe. Nancy loves this place because it offers lactose-free, gluton free food. I didn't bother with all that but I had a great egg and cheese bagel sandwich.
Then we walked around the corner and there was the Mountain Arts Festival. The tents were filled with the usual artistic pieces such as jewelry, home decor, and other items. I couldn't find anything.
Then, we walked a street or two over for the Dillon Farmers Market. I walked up and down looking for something to catch my eye. Unfortunately, we had just eaten so there wasn't anything that looked appealing. But, I did get to meet the Mayor of Dillon who was really fun to talk to. Then, Nancy took Barbara and I up to Montezuma, a small mining town. I didn't know much about mining so I was asking a lot of questions, but it was really neat. Made me want to watch Blue October again (I think that was the name of the movie).
There's this old outhouse in which we just had to take a photo with lol.
Then, we finally made it up the mountains to the Continental Divide!! I'm sending in this picture to the UT Alcalde and FB page. Hopefully I'll get a spot. :) Chillen like a villain...
What a view.......
As we descended we saw this small lake made by the glaciers. I felt the water and it was cold!
Later, that day, Barbara and I took off for Vail!!
It really did feel like we were in the Swiss Alps. It was so beautiful... We ended up taking the gondola up Vail Mountain. But before we did we ended up doing some serious souvenir shopping! :)

The view from the gondola ride up the mountain was really amazing. My first time up a mountain!!

When we got up to the top we saw a wedding party taking pics. It was cute to watch.
Photo time :) Barbara and I...
And look at the view...
With our gondola ticket we got $20 worth of free food/drink purchases. I ended up getting a margarita and Barbara got her wine. We had a great time...as the sign says....2 miles high in the sky :)
My favorite moment of the trip!! While sitting having the drink the rescue dog came over. I scratched her where Jewel loved the most to be scratched and she ended up sitting next to me. The person with her took our picture. Yay!!!!!! Riding down...
My last glimpse of Vail.....I have to return!!


  1. Love, love, love, Dillon area. We have 2 time share condos there, but because of health reasons, we will probably never be able to make it up there again.

    Enjoyed your pictures.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that :( My bf and I are talking about moving there, actually. His dad had a house up there for a few years. But, me being from Texas would be hard to survive the cold. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures and I know Dillon will forever be in your heart as it is mine...even if I don't make it back, either.