Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Buffalo Gap Historic Village

So, after we ate at Perini's we headed to Buffalo Gap Historic Village. For $6 a person we got to tour this recreated village. It had a lot of nice representations of the historic villages in the West Texas area. It was set up in three time periods: 1870s, 1903, 1927. With the price of admission you get a laminated map and private tour radio thing where you punch in the codes for each place you visit and hear the different information. I got old after the third place but I think some people really enjoy all the extra information on the recordings. Overall, Buffalo Gap Historic Village was really interesting and a great way to walk off lunch.

This is the entrance, the Mercantile, where you can buy your tickets and there's a good gift shop. They had plenty of Christmas ornaments and a funny tshirt that reads, "Paris Rome London Buffalo Gap" Lol but I didn't get one...
First we headed to the Chapel. Usually it's the last of the visit but there was a wedding that was about to be set up so we actually had to see it first.
Inside the chapel
Then we went into the 1870 house. Lol it looks normal from the inside but...
The walls were very crooked. It's NOT the picture!! It's the walls lol.

Historical marker!!! NATIONAL REGISTER :)
Add Image The courthouse was interesting. Very simple but very easily maintained.
Inside the courthouse.
Jail...eek. It was on the 2nd floor of the courthouse.
Beside the jail cell was the gun/weapon museum. A lot of artifacts from the wild west.
Then the log cabin house...
HOLY CRAP!! TOO SMALL FOR ME! The kids used to sleep on the top of the loft, where the wood would be flat to lay boards over it. Wow, I just can't imagine.
Then we entered the 1903 era and went into the doctor's office. Here was the set-up of a doctor's office at the time.
Cactus country!!
Barber...which provided BATHS in the beginning too. Around the 1920s is when barbars had to have a license. Before that ANYONE could set up shop and try. :)
See! I don't lie. Some men actually took baths at the barbershop.
Old Train Depot. Was an actual depot from the area that was moved here for the historic village.
Train tickets.....
Very historic signs here. Wow......You always know it existed but you never really know how times have changed until you run into stuff like this.
The Blacksmith shop was sooooo hot. Can you imagine what it must have been like to work there in the 1900s without AC. No thank you!
Inside the blacksmith shop.
Inside the art gallery was a Rembrandt sculpture....
Nice gallery, huh? LOL Gotta love it because it was the only part of the tour that was AIR CONDITIONED....
The wagon barn was interesting and full of different artifacts and antiques. I just wish you could climb on the wagons lol.
Post office
Here they say you can send a free postcard with the stamps on the right but my uncle and I never could get it to work. Plus I didn't see any postcards.....
Bank..... Friendly drifters outside the bank. They let ya pet them too. :)
Old gas station.....
Old school house, definitely my favorite part!
So this swing was outside and my uncle said it was his favorite part of elementary school. We had a BLAST going around on it. Super fun so why don't we have them anymore??
Barbara liked the ride too :) Inside the schoolhouse. They even let area teachers bring their students here for one full day of teaching in the old schoolhouse. Kinda cool if you ask me....
And the print shop was last. We had a fun time and I'm glad we went.

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