Monday, July 12, 2010

Fourth of July

Well, I had a fabulous, laid back Fourth of July. My dad and I had the boys so we chilled out all day, then we went to eat at Spring Creek BBQ. After that, we rode over to the Sam Houston Race Park where they do a firework show. There were SO many people around so we actually ended up on the other side of the freeway in a business parking lot. We set up our lawn chairs and the boys played around. It was about 20 minutes, which was almost perfect for the boys' attention span. Overall, great Fourth!

Playing with the bubble gun before the show started.
I bought Lucas these flip-flops earlier that day and he LOVED them. He kept running around the house wearing mine so I found some at Toys-r-Us for $1 so they were SOLD.
The boys had my pom-poms out. Yes, my brother is going to kill me but I digress. I told them they had to cheer for the fireworks while we were in the car...and Reuban loved his the whole time.
Representing America with my shirt...

Reu was captivated with the fireworks...
Awesome look on Lucas' face. Lol
"Aunt B, are you going to stop taking pictures of me and wach the fireworks?"
LOL pure excitement!
Waving the pompoms....
And the rockets red glare....
...the bombs bursting in air!
Happy Birthday America!!

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