Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 3: Abilene to New Mexico

So Abilene was a fun visit but I was most excited to get on the road. Sunday we left early (7:30am) for New Mexico. 500 miles and 10 hours later we were there! We stopped in tons of different places so, it really doesn't take 10 hours but I loved everywhere we stopped. That's sooo my travel style.

This was taken actually Saturday when we were looking for the longhorn. I love how there's grass hanging out both sides of his mouth. LOL
RAINBOW within 20 minutes of our trip. Luck?? I think so!
Wind farms in West Texas....very cool.
So, there was a cotton field we pulled into to get a closer look.
I've noticed on this trip that pictures don't express feelings. However, I tried my best to help you get a close look. This was MASSIVE and the blades are HUGE and make this loud noise. The clouds were moving so Barbara and I were both holding onto the car while looking up at these. Pretty cool though for 8am lol.
A sea of windfarms!
Then we stopped in Post, Texas...home of the Post Cereal creator. Unfortunately, we stopped in a gas station (there were no grocery stores on the highway) but there was no POST cereal products. Stupid city....there are silly tourists who would buy your cereal and you can make moneyyyy. Just saying...
Then we went off the highway and went to Olston, Texas where my Aunt's family is buried. Her grandparents on her mother's side and an aunt and uncle are burried here. She put the flowers up and we looked around the titleless grave markings. Very interesting...

Then we got to New Mexico!
I thought it was funny to see the Santa Fe line running next to us for about 15-20 miles as we were heading to....Santa Fe! Lol
So, then we stopped at Clines Corner, New Mexico at this souvenir shop but it was ghetttttto and nasty. I didn't even want to go to the bathroom in there. Beware!
Then...... I started seeing my favorite scenery.....the MOUNTAINS. :)
And they just kept coming!!!!
Then we got into Santa Fe and I started seeing the adobe buildings. Santa Fe building permits and the city make sure that any buildings in the area are adobe ONLY. Kinda crazy if you ask me but very interesting to keep the look of the city.
We actually went about 30 minutes outside of Santa Fe to Cochiti Lake, actually on the Cochiti reservation.
We stayed with Lee Ann, Barbara's high school friend. She owned this house on the reservation in a normal neighborhood...or so it seemed. Most interesting part? LOL no washers or dryers allowed! You have to use the laundro mat which the Indians run. Nice.......
The view from the backyard.....JEALOUS.
House across the street was cute too!

We took an evening walk up to the main highway where I got this view. Love me some MOUNTAINS.
And the inside of our accomodations were awesome. Each adobe building we went into had these chimneys. Very unique. Very great day!! Was excited about exploring Santa Fe the next day.

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