Sunday, December 12, 2010

Calvert, Texas

Last weekend I headed out to Calvert, Texas because it the bike sculpture was featured in Texas Highways. I did some research and awayyyyy I went!
Calvert's Main Street is also TX-6 so it's a pretty major highway. Busy, busy! Cute downtown area, though.
Love the Calvert spirit!! Everyone I met really loves the area, even though it's got a lot of Aggie heart...
I ended up starting at one end of Main Street and walking along all the shops. Did some shopping, of course! Found a Calvert ornament here...
Here at the Caldina Craft Mall. Cute twin boys here were keeping me entertained.
And directly across the street was the bike sculpture!! The pottery store was the work of the artist, who was there at the store/studio. He didn't say much but he had some great items, if pottery is your thing...
Very neat...
What a warm welcome!!
When I was digging through the messy Attic I found the Calvert $5 Visitor book. I also found out about the Heritage Tour that I had read about. So I took my map, and with an hour to go, headed out to see the old churches of Calvert!
Stop #1 was The Episcopal Church. Very friendly people met me and took my $10 fee. The stain glass was beautiful and the history of the members was very touching.
With the steeple...
The inside...
There were 18 members of Calvert from the church who went to WWII. Very commendable! Two or three of the Admirals of the Navy were from Calvert, too.
Stop #2: The First Baptist Church. Here, the nice hosts offered me cookies and punch. LOVE punch :)
The inside was BEAUTIFUL! The painting behind the alter was painted by a "ho-bo" in the early 1900s who painted it for them as a gift for feeding him and letting him sleep there.
Stop #3: My favorite spot was Annie Mae's B&B. The people were AMAZING and it was decorated sooooo well in each and every room. Even though they're Aggies, I'm definitely going to be staying here some time.
The dining room but this picture doesn't even begin to show how beautiful it was.
Beautiful bedrooms!
HATED the Aggie room!! Lol but if it was all burnt orange it would have been the best. I mean, EVERYTHING was decorated so well.
Stop #4: The First Presbyterian Church where a super cute kid and lovely mom gave me the history of the church.
All of the pews were hand-carved by slaves in the 19th century.
The inside was very simple and lovely...
Stop #5: I got here at exactly 5pm when it was ending but they were closed. The United Methodist Church was definitely something I wanted to check out, but next time...
Stop #6: Off another highway was the St. Paul United Methodist Church which was also closed (or, rather no car was near by) and because it was getting dark and was by some woods, I snapped a few pictures and headed back to the Main Street.
Back on Main Street I finished my shopping! I loved the Christmas displays outside the stores.
At this boutique, the So Darn Cute Boutique I found some interesting clothing. Ended up finding a really cute black jacket. Got lots of compliments on it! :)
The stores began closing and I didn't see anything going on with the Live Nativity Scene so I decided to, my camera was all messed up. One last shot of the Main Street lit up.....sorta :) Christmas lights were completely in my future!!

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  1. Enjoyed your trip to my hometown! Great pictures. Mud Creek Pottery was my grandfather's old dry goods store. An uncle had a grocery store behind there until fire destroyed both stores in the early 1950s Another uncle and my great grandfather once had grocery stores in the middle of that block. So I am very familiar with that area. Sneed Memorial Methodist Church was our family church. Did you know that church was named for one of Carly Fiorina's ancestors? Her father , Joseph Tyree Seed was from Calvert, and Carly spent a lot of time there. Her grandmother's home was across the street fromt eh park. You should take some time to look around the residential section where lovely old homes, park, cemeter, school, as well as most of the churches are locate. Hope that you have had time to go back. Sounds like you had a nice day there.