Friday, December 24, 2010

Discovery Green

Discovery Green is a big park in downtown Houston they built a few years ago. I'd never been here, so when my friend Shanna wanted to get together, I was super excited to get the chance. We originally thought we'd ice skate and watch It's a Wonderful Life on the mega-screen but the skating was so busy...we ended up curling up in law chairs and enjoying the show. I love that movie!! And totally puts you in the Christmas spirit!

The ice-skating rink ... Was a bit small in person.
There was a lil kid rink!!!!!!
Love the skyscrapers in the background. Reminds me a BIT of Rockefeller Center in NYC.
We saw this car parked around DG. Love it!
The jumbo screen for It's a Wonderful Life!
The TV screen sculpture...Interesting....They have a great art program here.
In the small pond/"lake" there was this lone lilly in the pond.
Another funky front of George R Brown Convention Center. Cute pictures taken here for FB :)
George R. Brown...
The Mist Tree.....Much more fun in the summer!
Loved the decorations here with the Green and "ornaments"...
Our stay for the movie night.....Lol, looks like trailor trash!
The view from our humble abode...
The movie started!! It got so cold but I had my dad's warm blanket, scarf, mittens, hat, etc. It was the perfect way to get used to the cold that I'll feel in London....IN TWO DAYS!!

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