Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hilton in England

Alright, so I got off the plane and found the Hilton Heathrow pretty easily... You have to walk for about 5 minutes in a FREEZING COLD airway but the convenience was worth it. Since I arrived around 10:30am I wasn't thinking I'd have a room ready but since it was Boxing Day and no one was around I got to go to a room immediately!
The room was a great size for me... The bed was very comfy. I didn't like paying the L15 for Internet but was glad to have it in the room... The complimentary water was of great need.
I wish the desk had been bigger to handle all my CRAP but no desk every is :)
The view of my room.....AND I didn't hear ONE SINGLE plane! Pretty impressive. The water below is the outdoor (and indoor) pool.
Because I'm a huge fan of the Hampton Inn I have Hilton Honors points. So I got to stay on the Hilton Honors floor. Pretty cool!

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