Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day #3: Windsor (Town and Castle)

So I didn't sleep very well but I woke up to the famous...England Fog! This was outside my can hardly see anything down there!

Ello?!? Anyone down there?
I went to eat breakfast in the Terrace Room which is where I ate dinner the night before.
The gardens from yesterday can almost hardly be seen!
Another shot of the Terrace Dining Room
More of the Great Hall where I could get Internet access, since "the routers can't reach all the way" to my room.... Thanks.
So beautiful! pretty! And the fireplace runs non-stop.
So, then I took a taxi to Windsor and Windsor Castle. This is where you buy tickets to go into the Castle. They were L16 pounds.
It was soooo foggy but it didn't stop the great experience and grandeur of it all.
Heading towards the State Apartments and Queen Mary's Dollhouse. You couldn't take pictures inside though... :( On the Great Lawn that was closed..
Now, this is the actual place where Queen Elizabeth and her family reside...but of course you get nowhere near there. This was taken behind a big gate, sticking my camera through lol.
The not-so Gardens and the Rounded Castle
I forget what the correct name is for this. The rounded lookout or something of that sort.
The walls surrounding the castle which was built with many different military strategies included.
You're supposed to be able to see the whole city down below but the fog definitely dispells that. Got to see a few guards! It was an even day, though, so no changing of the guard :(

I was watching the solider march to and from his location. I have it on video lol. I like when they turn!

The guards...who help with everything and are in charge of keeping the tourists in check. They were very nice and ready to pose with anyone, too.
I'm thinking about putting a crown on my outdoor light on my porch :)
Walking towards St. George's Chapel...
The Chapel as you approach it...
From the entrance...
Trying to get it all in! A lot of royalty and their family are buried here. George the VIII and his wife Jane Seymour (his 8th) are the most pointed out.
Final shots... SO FOGGY you can't even see the rounded tower up there ... and it should be right at the top of the shot in the center.
Oh yea, everyone was taking pictures with this guy. He was hot.....just saying.
Not 10 feet from the castle are all the shops. Got some good souvenirs :) A shot of the castle and the shops right next to each other!
Queen Victoria protecting her fortress. I think I would have made a pretty bad-ass Queen back in the diz-ay.

My feet started hurting but it was too early for dinner so I stopped at this Starbucks right across the street from the castle and did some journaling and reading. Very nice, relaxing moment.
A splurge....hey, at least the coffee was non-fat! :)
The McDonald's across the street from the Castle! Lol
I couldn't find where I wanted to eat so I roamed the streets after the shops closed at like 4pm. It gets dark so early and I want to know where everyone goes!! The streets were decorated very nicely, though.
Got some pizza at this Italian Restaurant...Francesco's.
Love the Christmas trees everywhere!
Shopping Mall of sorts...
Gifts I got for the boys!!! Ok, I'm keeping one too :)
My room back at Cliveden. I love my name in print LOL
The next day I was leaving Cliveden :( But on to Chester and new adventures! Will post Chester pictures in the morning I hope! Or tomorrow night...

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