Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Shopping and a Glimpse of This Weekend

The Houston Chronicle has been doing this great bit every day with 25 great gift shops for holiday shopping. Last Sunday I finally had the motivation and free time to check one out. Hopefully I can do more the next month. Then, I have a little insight to the pics from this weekend which will be posted later.
Buchanan's Native Plants was one of the gift shops for those who love plants, gardens, and all things nature.

The plants and flowers look just like any other Home Depot or Walmart garden center. But it's the gift shop in the background that really impresses garden lovers.
It's not really a bird house but a bird MANSION, to me...
This weekend Deborah and I went to the Hill Country Lighting Trail. First stop was Johnson City. Beautiful!!

The Courthouse was really beautiful...and came out better on the digital camera, rather than these iPhone pics.
Johnson City again... :)Loved it at the Pedernales Electric Company!!!
Across from the Courthouse was the Johnson Park with tons of lighted displays. This Mickey one was taken for my boss who LOVES Disney!
I took this picture in Marble Falls at the Walkway of Lights. Awesome!!!!
The next day we went to Fredericksburg and this 26-foot Wooden Pyramid really helped us center on the German heritage of this city.
Fredericksburg's Christmas tree in the Marktplatz.
Later Saturday night we made it to Llano for their Snow Day. Deborah had a BLAST sledding down the snowhill.
And today I finally put up our yard signs for the house. Hook 'em!!
Next, I'll post our entire weekend, but I had a different camera, so I have to find the connecter, first. :)

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