Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day #4: Taplow to Chester (Northern England)

Well, unfortunately when I woke up on Day 4 it was time to depart from The Cliveden House. When I walked downstairs the door man greeted me, "Why, hello, Miss Alexander". Hah! We had a nice chat for the 15-20 minutes it took for the taxi to arrive. We talked about my name and what names mean, etc, etc. Then the guy who helped during the entire stay (super cute) asked me about the next stops in my journey. Great way to end the stay. Then I took the long journey to Chester!
Departing shot of the Grand Staircase of Cliveden.
And my last picture of the Great Hall....
Then I took the same train back to Paddington and got on the TUBE! I asked at the Information area in Paddington and they told me exactly where to go. I felt so much better being able to get around... The tube was pretty crowded, though. And lugging my 75lb of luggage SUCKED!!!
I took the tube from Paddington to Euston Station where they have a lot more trains going North.
So many trains! But as soon as I bought my ticket, the train boarded in like 5 minutes. Just enough time to buy a Fanta! :)
Since the train ride to Chester was about 3 hours the trains were different. They had folding tray tables like an airplane.
So, I spread out.....Read a book, journaled, took some notes. And my new favorite obsession is FANTA!!!!!! Lol
Then I took a taxi to the Grosvenor Hotel and Spa in Chester, England. Another 5 star :) The bed is sooooo comfy and I love the couch area. I need one in my house now!
The desk on the left is where I am currently posting all the pics :)
I'm right in the center of the shopping area so across the street I went here to find Mom's elephant!! It's super cute, it even says "Mum" on it, lol.
The streets of Chester....looks like Windsor, doesn't it?
The buildings are what make Chester so different...
The City Hall area...
The Forum Shops is like a mall but with not many shops...
Inside the mall was this market, of sorts. I got some Smirnoff Ice to relax with back at the hotel.
More of the buildings...

Good shot! These are called the Two Rows because there are two floors of shopping here. I couldn't find too many shops that I wanted to enter but I don't really have much room in my suitcase either.
The famous Chester clock and the Eastgate. This is taken from the door front of my hotel :)
Found a Disney store! Looked for something UK about any of the characters but couldn't find much.
Finally, I got hungry so I had to explore for a while to get a bite to eat. Everything shuts down so early!! I stopped at the Amphitheater Restaurant and got some salmon.
There was NO ONE inside...only a few other tables.
The outside of the restaurant...
Then the streets were pretty clear about 7-8pm so I took some time to take more pictures of the Clock Tower.
The outside of my hotel.
The hallways are really elegant looking. And that was my journey for the day. Not a WHOLE lot but the train thing was pretty cool. Day #5 is all about exploring Chester! Should post later tonight... My time in England is slipping away........ NO!!!!!!

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