Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hill Country Lighting Trail

It's Christmas time!! I put up my Christmas tree and then Deborah and I headed out to the Hill Country Lighting Trail.
I put up my own UT Christmas tree all by myself!!
First, we went to the Pedernales Electric Company's display. Absolutely amazing!!
Deborah and I got some yummy hot chocolate! For only $1 too and it came with Christmas sprinkles and tons of whipped cream! The hot chocolate stand had so many different souvenirs. It was really cool...And totally got us in the spirit. Lit up soooooo bright!
Then we headed to the Johnson City Courthouse. It was really lit up!
Yeehaw, Santa!
Cute display from the high school kids...
They had a writing post in front of the courthouse. I put this message... Merry Christmas, yall!
The signing post in front of the courthouse...
Across the street from the courthouse was the Johnson Park display. Lots of lights here, too.
The Gingerbread display...
Howdy, Santa!
Then we headed to Marble Falls for their Walkway Lighting Display. It was another great time! The lighted walkway was definitely the most popular part.
Loving the World! Loving our troops, especially my special Marine :)
Pack my stocking full, please!!
The reason for the season... Skiing Santa! But it was a bit too cold tonight....
I loved walking through the lit tree. We ended up eating at Chili's right next to the display and staying at the Hampton Inn beside those. This was our view from our room!! In the morning we woke up and did some Christmas shopping in Historic Main Street in Marble Falls as recommended by the staff at Hampton Inn.
Main Street was sooooo cute! In the Historic Square was their beautiful tree. Love this time of year! In one of the shops Deborah and I found these truffles. We decided to have our first truffles, ever! I had a pink champagne one...Yummyyyy, but it should be for $2. My pink truffle :) LOVE pink! Then we headed to Fredericksburg for their festivities!
The most amazing part they showcase is in the Marktplatz...with the tree and the 26-foot wooden Christmas Pyramid, showcasing their German heritage.

Texas Highways put these cookies in their article, and boy were they good!! I had one of the candy candy cane :) The displays of the shops along Main Street were really neat. Some of them had awards for different aspects of their decorations.
It was sooooo busy and we had to wait for lunch. I took this shot while waiting on a bench. I love the different colors of the trees at this time of year! (Ok, a few months before the Northern states...)FUNNY STORY: We saw this sign while driving in that said "The Best Burger in Town" and so as we were shopping we stopped here at Wheeler's. We both ordered the Special Burger.... Well, as we were finishing our shopping and walking back we totally walked by another restaurant with BEST BURGER IN TOWN painted on the windows. LOL we ate at the WRONG place...but the burger still rocked. Hilarious, though. Great laughs!Cute picture of City Hall in Fredericksburg... Then I took Deborah to the Willow City Loop to see the amazing scenery... Amazing sunsets...
Deer in the road!!
Howdy cows!!
Sweet baby!!Simply beautiful... Another great shot of the Hill Country
Then, we headed off to Llano for the lights and Snow Day! We stopped at the Courthouse to take pictures first.
Then we got to the Starry, Starry Nights display and Snow Day.

I loved the trail that you walk through to see all the lights and displays...
Santa, why are you lounging?? It's busy times out there!!
Loved the bingo lights!
My heart kind of fell upon seeing this display. Just in case, THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE MEN AND WOMEN AWAY FROM THEIR FAMILIES FOR PROTECTING US AND OUR WONDERFUL COUNTRY. I love you all and please know you have my support, all the way!! And to my special Marine, you'll always be my hero!!! Can't wait to spend next Christmas together :)
Love the Texas flavor! :) Great picture of the displays.....
There wasn't much to Snow Day but this hill. Deborah was more brave then I was but she had a blast tubing down the hill among all the 2-8 year olds!
We got really cold in the snow and had to get some more hot chocolate! For $1 a cup...Nice!
Santa was in this tent taking pictures for $ so we passed. But cute enough, nonetheless.
Lol, nice display :)

As we were leaving we drove across the bridge and took this picture with the reflection...Had an AMAZING time and couldn't have asked for more. Wish I could have stayed longer and longer, though. I'm soooooo ready for Christmas now! Five more school days then it's CHRISTMAS VACATION!!!!!!!

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