Sunday, December 26, 2010

London, Here I Come!!

I'm 6 hours ahead now, so I think I'm correct in saying that I left for London YESTERDAY! The journey was hard work but very fun.

Continental had the BEST International flight!!!
I had the WHOLE row to myself! I checked online for many days...and made sure I got the perfect one. So, I got to put all of my things out.
And I stretched out and even ended up laying down throughout much of the flight.
The tvs had 28 new features and that's just the NEW FEATURES page.....I watched Dispicable Me and Dinner with Schmucks. It was AAAWESOME!!!
The food, however, was not. Nastyyyyyy, lol.
And finally I made it to the UK border and got another STAMP IN MY PASSPORT!!!!
Tonight was a very complicated night in London and I'll post when I can. :) Love all around!!

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