Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 1: Covington, LA

This would be the coffee shop ....
The small shops in downtown Covington, LA

My room for the next two nights :)

On the road....(Actually did you know this is the ninth longest bridge in the world?!?)
*Ok, so the pictures were added backwards....I dunno.....Sorry!

Today I escaped from my dear Texas to Louisiana, otherwise known as Loserana by the UT father. I crossed most of LA to Covington. After driving 5 1/2 hours with my new best friend, GPS, I arrived about 4:00. I'm staying at a plantation home, will disclose the name at a later date (never be too safe). It's a beautiful room with all the amenities I could dream soda, coffee and Internet :p In the early evening I decided to try out the downtown area that is supposedly full of cute, unique shops and galleries but found most of them closed. I did stop at a coffee shop to have some iced coffee and a sandwich...yes, dad, it was turkey again!

Tomorrow's adventures include a swamp tour, wildlife safari, downtown Mandeville and more of downtown Covington. We'll see how much I can do on one good ankle though...

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