Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 12: New Britain, CT

Ok, so...slow day. I couldn't get to sleep last night and ended up sleeping late this morning. I was supposed to go to 4 different art museums but only made it to this one...the New Britain Museum of American Art. The only art in there?!? By Americans...or those who immigrated to America. It had the art periods that American artists went through. Pretty interesting...
This was what the hall looked like...
In the previous picture you saw the wall in the background. This is it close up. It was all painted cups! Some of the old blue ones were pepsi cups and some of the red ones were pirate birthday cups and Seattle Coffee cups. It was crazy cool!
I included this picture for Aunt B. Hanging like a chandallier, this was all Murano blown glass by the only American asked to work in Murano as a glassblower.
I thought I'd show you this. It was a symbolic portrait of what?!? Did you guess it? Two twins...blinded....and planes...September 11. The two things at the bottom are benches so if you can imagine this painting is actually bigger than anyone's bedroom wall. Makes quite the statement.
So because I had such a relaxing day I am going to have to double-time it tomorrow. I have three museums and three restaurants to get to AFTER I tour the Goodspeed Opera House that I saw the show at earlier in the week. Have a good weekend everyone!

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